2011 Grantees

Conservation Community Effectiveness

Alaska Center for the Environment$34,500
Alaska Conservation Foundation$87,000
Earth Economics$25,000
Earth Economics$25,000
Idaho Conservation League$35,000
Oregon Environmental Council Inc.$30,000
Washington Environmental Council$30,000
Wyoming Outdoor Council$30,000
Conservation Community Effectiveness Total$296,500

Nearshore Marine and Estuary Conservation

American Littoral Society$45,000
Pew Charitable Trusts$25,000
Surfrider Foundation$60,000
Wild Salmon Center$25,000
William D Ruckelshaus Center Foundation$2,338
Nearshore Marine and Estuary Conservation Total$157,338

Public Lands Conservation

Geos Institute$50,000
Headwaters Economics Inc$20,000
Model Forest Policy Program Inc$25,000
Natural Resources Defense Council$25,000
Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative$70,000
Pew Charitable Trusts$30,000
Western Environmental Law Center$35,000
Western Environmental Law Center$35,000
Wild Salmon Center$10,000
The Wilderness Society$65,000
Wildlands CPR$45,000
Public Lands Conservation Total$410,000


Climate Solutions$25,000
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity$4,500
Cook Inletkeeper$15,000
Environmental Grantmakers Association$3,662
Renewable Energy Alaska Project$15,000
Resource Media$20,000
Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition$25,000
Trustees for Alaska$20,000

Total 2011 Grants = $1,022,000