2019 Fall Grant Proposal Guidelines

We have two grant cycles annually.  This year, our Fall cycle deadline for submission of proposals is November 1st, 2019.  All proposals must meet the deadline, and they should be submitted electronically to:


If you have been invited to submit a proposal, please review the Grant Proposal Checklist, and include all the materials requested in the Checklist with your original submission.  You can download our Fall 2019 Grant Proposal Checklist here:

2019 Fall Grant Proposal Checklist

Our goal in reviewing your proposal is to understand what you aim to do to address the opportunities, issues and challenges you are concerned with, and how well your organization is positioned to make the changes you seek.  We hope your proposal will describe the situation fully; give us a picture of the problems and solutions; identify what or whom you are trying to influence and who else you are working with; be clear about what outcome you expect; and be realistic about what resources you will need for both staff and budget.

The checklist should help guide your proposal and assist to ensure that you include all the required information.  Only complete proposal submissions will be considered.

Again, please submit your proposals via email:

·       To: info@theharderfoundation.org
·       Subject line: [Your Organization Name] 2019 Cycle 2 Grant Proposal.

The entire email with attachments should not exceed 20 MB (as our system cannot accept files larger than 20MB).  Also, zip files are acceptable.

If you have unique questions about our Proposal Submission Guidelines not addressed in our Checklist or Guidelines, then please contact the Harder Foundation office via email (info@theharderfoundation.org).

Thank you!