Officers and Staff

Board Officers

John Driggers, President

John in RMNP (2)John is the son of Nathan “Barry” Driggers, a key figure in the Foundation’s early formation and conservation orientation. John basically “grew up” with the Foundation, and as result, was instilled early with Foundation’s principals regarding stewardship and conservation. His long term exposure to the Foundation’s activities has allowed John to follow ongoing conservation efforts in the northern Rockies, an area where he maintains a deep personal interest. John has an MBA in Finance, and a variety of experiences from various successful entrepreneurial activities. This background helps John support the Foundation to grow its investments and maintain its conservation focus.  John has been on the Board since 1998, and was elected Vice President in 2013.  John became the Foundation’s President early in 2015.  In this capacity, John manages the work of the Board of Trustees, and provides strategic guidance and support to both the investment and program activities of the Foundation.

Bob Langbauer, Vice President and Treasurer

BobBob has long enjoyed working with state grassroots conservation groups. He first became involved as a founding member of the Mono Lake Committee dealing with water rights in the West. Later he gained experience in investment management and has directed the Foundation investment process since 1996 from our office in Naples, Florida.

Del Langbauer, Senior Program Advisor

After more than 20 years as President of The Harder Foundation, Del retired in early 2015, turning the presidential gavel over to John Driggers.  Del will continue to serve as a Trustee; and as Senior Program Advisor, he will maintain his active engagement with our Alaska grantmaking program.  Earlier in his career, Del taught comparative religion and philosophy for 22 years at the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington. His area of personal research was the implications for environmental ethics of symbols and values in traditional Asian cultures. Del has been an active mountaineer, sailor and sea kayaker, and a long-term volunteer environmentalist.  He began serving as an environmental program advisor to The Harder Foundation in 1978; became Vice-President of the Foundation after retiring from the University; and in 1994 was elected as its President.

Program Team

Cathy Lehman, Senior Program Officer



Program Advisory Panel

  1. Gabe Langbauer
  2. Nels Langbauer



Contract Administrative Support

Mary Beth Garafola
Financial Assistant
The Harder Foundation, Florida Office

Elaine Zacka
Grants Manager
The Harder Foundation, Florida Office