Message from the President

We are in transition, and that is a good thing!

For almost 40 years, as a small, family-led foundation, we’ve consistently supported and advanced environmental protection and conservation advocacy in the Northwest. This enduring commitment will not change. Recently, however, our long-serving Executive Director, Kay Treakle, was forced into an early retirement because of a serious illness. Kay’s departure was not something we had anticipated nor contemplated. She served as our ED for about 13 years, and this tenure was noteworthy and an incredibly productive period for the Foundation. Thanks to Kay, today we have better systems and processes in place that allow us to continue our efficient and nimble operation and program support. More importantly, Kay’s program work was conducted through a carefully cultivated group of grantees. Not surprisingly, we have long appreciated and endorsed Kay’s program focus and have full intention of perpetuating this established program orientation with both grantees and conservation and philanthropic colleagues.

We are now looking ahead to hire a Senior Program Director who can pick up where Kay left off.  Our next Program Director will be inheriting a well-established program but will be encouraged to add immediate value by quickly understanding the objectives and the nuances of our programs and approach to the work before gradually introducing carefully designed changes to advance our goals over time.  Moreover, given our 40-year history of growing our endowment and grant budget, our new Program Director will have ample opportunity to develop complementary strategies to deploy increased grant funding. We’ll be looking carefully for the right fit between the individual and the organization and then provide the best working environment possible to ensure a long-term tenure with the Foundation. We have a great group of grantees already, so we will be patient in this hiring process. More information and additional insights into our hiring goals may be gleaned from visiting the Position Announcement here on our website.

John Driggers
President, The Harder Foundation
February 2020