The Harder Foundation supports work at the regional, state and local level in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Within our region, we support organizations working in the following geographic areas:

Alaska: South Central and Southeast
Washington: Pacific Coast, Olympic Peninsula, Columbia River Estuary and Northeast Washington
Oregon: Southwest and Coast
Idaho: Central Idaho and the High Divide
Montana and Wyoming: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including the High Divide

Grants in our Public Lands and Marine and Estuary Conservation Program Areas focus on places where there are relatively intact ecosystems, high biodiversity with important wildlife and habitat, and that provide critical ecosystem services to communities.

Grants in our Conservation Community Effectiveness program area are made to state-based organizations that coordinate around common policy priorities to solve statewide and regional environmental problems in our region.

Limited grants that address the mining and transportation of coal and oil are made in Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

We also provide limited support each year to groups in Florida.