The Harder Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, and does not support:

  • Agriculture, toxics, transportation, or urban environment issues
  • Book, film, or video production
  • Capital construction projects
  • Environmental education
  • Land acquisition or land trust projects
  • Local land management or restoration efforts
  • Organizations that are currently operating with an IRS designation as a 509(a)(3) supporting organization
  • Individuals or for-profit corporations
  • Proposals for research will be considered only when they are in direct support of concrete, well-defined strategies that take advantage of a specific opportunity to address a pressing environmental problem.

Foundation funds may never be used to support or oppose candidates for political office.

The Foundation cannot designate any portion of its grants for use in influencing legislation. Although the Foundation does not support projects focused on legislative lobbying, general support grants may be used to support a grantee’s overall operations, even if the grantee engages in lobbying as part of its programs.