Types of Grants

Project Grants

We fund projects that are most likely to protect and preserve the greatest concentrations of ecologically valuable resources, and that produce clear, concrete results.  We typically make grants for projects that have local, statewide or regional significance, though in limited cases, we will make grants that address federal policies on the ground in our region (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana and South Central Alaska).  We also provide a limited number of grants each year to current grantees for institutional and administrative capacity building that are aimed at improving organizational effectiveness.

General Support Grants

Grants are made to support general operating expenses for prior grantees that have a proven track record working on issues that are consistent with the Foundation’s priorities.  In rare circumstances, we provide general support to new organizations that have been formed to resolve an especially urgent environmental problem.

Rapid Response Grants

This year, the Foundation has made a commitment to boost our emergency/opportunity grants pool in order to provide resources to groups that need to move quickly to respond to unplanned events, or to take advantage of an unanticipated opportunity. We are also willing to take some risks and experiment with promising ideas and new tactics, and to respond to proposals that tap new constituencies.  While these grants will fall under our Invitation Only policy, they can be made any time between March 31 and December 15.  Contact kay@theharderfoundation.org  for more information.