President’s Message August 2020

On behalf of the Foundation, I am delighted to announce that Cathy Lehman has recently joined us as our Senior Program Officer. In this position, Cathy will gradually assume full responsibility for our Grant Program. More about Cathy, her background, and her contact information is contained under the announcement section here on our site.  Based in Washington state, Cathy will be well positioned to immediately engage in our program work in the Northwest – to the extent possible given the Covid backdrop.  While in-person meetings may be delayed, Cathy will be reaching out via other mediums to introduce herself and engage.

Cathy is only our third Senior Program Officer in over 30 years, and this history of long-term tenure exemplifies one of our over-arching goals of steady, elongated commitment to our grantees and providing the patience required to achieve long-lasting outcomes.  We are exceedingly excited that Cathy has joined our team and look forward to supporting her work for many years to come.

Meanwhile, Nancy Lewis-Williams, our Tacoma office manager is retiring, and her responsibilities will now be handled by Elaine Zacka.  Elaine has recently activated our new, cloud-based Grants Management system, and all our existing grantees received a prompt to visit the new system earlier this summer.  Any grantee questions regarding the new system may be directed to Elaine at  The Foundation grant making program remains under our long-standing “Invitation-Only” policy.

Lastly, our Fall Grant Cycle will start here shortly, and will be managed as follows:  Del Langbauer continues this year as our lead on all Alaska based grants; Amy Solomon, as a consultant to the foundation, will supervise our Fossil Fuel program in concert with Cathy;  I will maintain responsibility for our High Divide, northern Rockies grantees; and Cathy will assume full responsibility for the remainder of our grant program.  Key dates and guidelines are provided on this site.

In closing, please join me in giving Cathy a strong welcome to the Harder Team.  It has been a challenging year for all of us, but Cathy’s addition is a bright spot helping to ensure our long-term growth and commitment to the things we care so deeply about.

Stay healthy!