2020 Program Priorities

The Harder Foundation supports organizations working at the regional, state and local level in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana.

Core Geographies

South Central Alaska:  

  • To support a collaborative environmental advocacy structure to protect public lands and waters.

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Coast and Columbia Estuary:  

  • To protect and restore healthy ecosystems and salmon habitat, from headwaters to tidewaters.
  • To support the development of community leaders and a local constituency for conservation and environmental protection.

High Divide region of Western Montana and Central Idaho:

  • To protect and restore healthy ecosystems for wildlife and communities in the face of climate change.
  • To strengthen social acceptance of grizzly bears across the region to ensure their long-term survival.
  • To maintain federal protections for grizzly bears.

Priority Campaigns and Strategies

We support a limited number of organized collaborative campaigns that are focused on protecting natural resources in our core geography.  In addition, we have long supported state-based organizations that are engaged in policy advocacy, that coordinate campaigns and work in coalitions to set statewide priorities. Our campaign and strategy priorities for 2020 include:

Pacific Northwest Fossil Fuel Campaigns:

  • To support diverse coalitions of organizations and communities fighting new fossil fuel infrastructure that impact Washington and Oregon.

Public Lands Protection Campaigns:

  • To engage citizens and strengthen public support for protections of state and federal public lands.
  • To protect forest ecosystems for the long term benefits they provide of clean water, clean air, biological diversity and climate resilience.

State Environmental Policy:

  • To strengthen citizen engagement in environmental policy debates.
  • To support organizations and coalitions that set common policy priorities to solve statewide and regional environmental problems.